Oscar nominations dominated by people’s bloody Facebook movies


We can’t get enough of them!

A shock late rush of Oscar nominations has been announced, consisting entirely of a large selection of those fascinating “My Facebook movie” movies.

These videos are automatically generated by Facebook from a fairly random choice out of all the photos and words you’ve ever posted on the site.

As you’d expect from Facebook, the quality of the resulting movies is so outstanding that the Oscar judges have been obliged to cancel the nominations for all the ‘traditional’ movies this year, replacing them with the artistically superior Facebook ones.

Upcoming Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres spoke today of her joy that ‘American Hustle’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Captain Phillips’ are being replaced by Melanie Delaney’s uncompromising ‘My Facebook Movie’, Kevin Ronsson’s enchanting ‘My Facebook Movie’, and experimental art-house/Dogme epic ‘My Facebook Movie’ from Simon Kettle (aged 14).

This trilogy of first-time directors are at the forefront of what excited critics are calling the “New Nouvelle Vague wave”, which consists of an estimated 90 million new film-makers who have all produced their first movies in the last 24 hours or so.

“Not to put too fine a point on it, I’m buggered,” admitted Quentin Tarantino this morning. “It takes me months and months to get a new movie out, and these kids are knocking them off in five minutes. And they’re much more original than mine, too.”

Following Facebook’s lead, it is expected that most of the prestigious cultural prizes will now be won by contributions to social media. The Sony Photography Prize has just been won by ‘My Dinner’ from local pensioner Elsie Duggan, while this year’s Booker Prize for fiction is tipped to be a shoo-in for Tony Blair’s Twitter feed.

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