Nick Clegg calls for Amanda Knox to apologise


Clegg warned Knox that she could face the naughty step.

Amanda Knox was convicted by Italian courts of murdering Meredith Kercher for a second time, but is expected to appeal. Nick Clegg thinks that while Knox’s innocence or guilt is still in the balance, it would be better for everyone if she said sorry and avoided holidaying in Rome.

“The trouble with the law is that one person says one thing and then another says something else”, explained Clegg. “And before long, it gets really confusing and someone has to explain it to me.”

“But as I say to my kids when I hear them arguing upstairs: just say sorry, and then we can all forget about it.”

Amanda Knox had her initial conviction for murder overturned in 2011, but this overturn was overturned in March 2013. “See what I mean? You can waste hours trying to reach some form of justice. Come on luv, just look sad and move on.”

Nick Clegg revealed that if he senses his children might be about to misbehave, he sometimes separates them in different rooms.

“I keep them apart but they’re not locked up or anything”, said Clegg. “I’m not judging them, I’m just preventing a potential apology situation. In hindsight, that might have worked with Lord Rennard and Amanda Knox as well.”

Amanda Knox refused to support Clegg’s idea. In a statement she said “I didn’t murder her so I can’t apologise. But if my actions appeared a bit killy, then I regret any upset or loss of life that might have occurred.”


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