Church to offer ‘Vegas-style weddings’, swapping Elvis for Cliff Richard


A local Church has decided to start offering Vegas-style weddings in a bid to increase tourism levels in the village of Harold, but instead of Elvis performing the ceremony, there will be a distinctively British feel with the Vicar dressing up as Cliff Richard.

“I was on holiday in Vegas in the summer and was amazed at the amount of chapels offering people the chance to be married by an Elvis impersonator,” Reverend Tansy Forster explained.

“So I thought ‘what us the closest thing we have to Elvis?’ and Sir Cliff seemed like the obvious answer.
It turns out that transforming into Cliff is a lot easier than Elvis as well. A cheap suit, cheesy grin and fake tan and I’m away.

“The experience is completed by the bride turning up in a double decker bus and the groom holding an umbrella singing to the congregation whilst we throw water over them. We’ve done five so far and the groom has only been punched three times.”

Reverend Forster continued to explain the other parts of the ceremony, including hymns that come from Cliff Richard’s back catalogue. But she saved the biggest announcement till the end.

“For only an additional £20, you can have you wedding conducted by the real Cliff Richard,” she explained.

“I’ve managed to dope him up so I can keep him in the wardrobe were we keep the cassocks for as long as I need him.

“It’s not a cruel as it sounds. I offered him the spare bedroom but he insisted he would feel more at home staying in the closet.”

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