Union to disassociate itself from Ed Miliband

The leader of the Labour party set to disown Ed Miliband

The leader of the Labour party set to disown Ed Miliband

Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite union, will come out today and announce plans to abolish the automatic enrolment of members into the Labour party. Wishing to bring the union back to values of equality and fairness, he believes the automatic affiliation of anyone to Ed Miliband may go against their human rights.

“We know that we had supported Ed Miliband in the past, even helping him win the leadership election despite the fact most people would have preferred his brother” Mr McCluskey told reporters.

“We believed he was going to reform the party, and he did. Unfortunately it was in the same way you reform ham. “The end result is watered down, poor quality and leaves a slightly funny taste in the mouth.”

The recent spat between the Labour party and the UK’s largest union comes after the union was accused of fraudulent behaviour to ensure their preferred candidate would stand in Falkirk for the party at the next election.

Ed Miliband has called the system used to choose the candidate ‘undemocratic’. He said “we can not have a system that sees the unions able to fiddle selection results and essentially overrule the decision of the grass roots members. The labour party should be represented by people that have the best interests of the party at heart, not people that are influenced by Mr McCluskey.”

We did ask for clarification. Mr Miliband confirmed he was talking about the Falkirk selection and not his own election as leader of the party.

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