Will Smith to present Question Time

We'd let him chair our debate any day.

We’d let him chair our debate any day.

As part of the publicity tour for his new film Will Smith will present Question Time this Thursday. For the past few days the forty-four year old Hollywood star has been an ubiquitous media presence as he whips up enthusiasm for his latest sci-fi epic.

“Will has had a great time in the UK,” said his agent. “He’s gone on Graham Norton, been to a soccer match and in his downtime visited top London tourist attractions like Boris Johnson. Now with Question Time he’s trying something new.”

As well as being an actor Smith is a dedicated philanthropist and Democrat supporter who has long spoken of his intention to one day go into politics.

“Will is passionate about politics and a very intelligent man,” said his agent. “He will not be bullied by the Question Time panelists. We understand you have a something here called a Mary Archer that’s supposed to be quite scary. Well, Will’s kicked ass from the edge of the galaxy to the wild, wild west so he’s not afraid to take it on.”

Since confirming Question Time’s guest presenter the BBC has faced a storm of accusations that it is trying to boost ratings by swapping seventy-four year old David Dimbleby for the globally famous Smith who has just been voted the Sexiest Man in the World for the second time in six years.

“There is no truth to these accusations whatsoever,” said a BBC spokesperson. “We are not so desperate for viewers that we would stunt cast such a prestigious show. David is on a well-deserved break and Will loves political discourse so he’s a good fit. And we further deny that there is anything sensationalist in Meryl Steep going on Springwatch. She’s an amazing actor and no one who watches it will believe that she’s anything other than a badger.”

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