Murderous magician will find out what his Wandsworth

pistolwandOne of Harold’s most beguiling mysteries has finally been solved, and sadly proven to be a most despicable and gruesome crime.

Every local knew and loved the spectacular magic show put on annually by local magician “The Great Haroldo”. Although a touring performer he would end his season every year in Harold, and has done so for over 20 years. The pinnacle of the show was always a grand illusion which would culminate in a member of the audience disappearing.

In the early years the volunteer would always re-appear, looking slightly shaken, and return to their seat. However every year since 1997 the volunteer has failed to re-materialise, and none has ever been seen again.

The Great Haroldo reassured his fans that the act of bringing back that which he had disappeared was simply now beyond his magic powers, but oddly he is never short of willing audience members, keen to participate in the stunt. Upon his request, hands are raised by young and old, male and female alike, but he always requests a slim young women. With straight dark hair. And brown eyes. Between 5’ 7″ and 5’ 8″.

Sadly what seemed a delightful feat of magic was in fact a tragic crime. The Great Haroldo was charged yesterday under his real name, Raymo Meltson, of 15 counts of murder. PC Anita Flegg announced “Its amazing that he got away with it for so long really, but he seemed so nice and I suppose we all just got sucked in. The breakthrough came when he tried to sell me a watch on ebay which he’d disappeared off my wrist the week before in the Squirrel Lickers Arms.”

The news has shocked the local community with one neighbour telling us “He always seemed such a nice man, kept himself to himself mind you. He was very keen on landscape gardening and was forever digging up his flower beds. Although now you mention it, I suppose it was a bit suspicious that he always did his mulching well after midnight.”

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