Benefits ‘welfare card’ scheme to be extended to MPs’ expenses

New proposals to pay benefit claimants onto cards that limit what the money can be used for will also be rolled out to MP expenses.

The scheme will ensure the ‘scroungers’ don’t waste taxpayers’ money by ensuring it is only used to but the essentials, and not on lavish dinners, homes for their parents and duck houses.

“We know not all MPs are falsely claiming money, but it seems only right that we punish all of them for the actions of a few,” a spokesperson for the Taxpayers Alliance explained

“If they insist on taking money from the state it is only proper that money is not spent on luxuries like alcohol and hospitality. It may seem like we are yet again vilifying MPs, but you just can’t trust them to make the right decisions.”

The expenses welfare card has been broadly welcomed by the public, but some are calling for further measures to stop MPs abusing the system.

Given his track record in Europe and to stop ‘expenses tourism’, should Nigel Farage get elected to parliament many are calling for people entering into Westminster to be in their for at least two years before they can claim a penny.


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3 responses to “Benefits ‘welfare card’ scheme to be extended to MPs’ expenses

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me…

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