Travelodge removes Bibles from rooms replaces them with Fifty Shades of Grey


Grey vs. Bible. One’s fan fiction that somehow become wildly influential and the other is…ah, you know how this one ends

In order to reflect the diversity of the UK and the fact that it is home to people of many faiths and none, Travelodge has removed copies of the Bible from all its rooms and replaced them with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and a Freddo bar.

Travelodge spokeswoman, Kat Simmonds, told the Evening Harold that when it came to having the Bible loose “we didn’t feel it was appropriate and so have replaced it with what our research tells us is the best alternative.”

“We realised that most people who stay in a Travelodge are alone and wondering why their life has come to this,” Kat Simmonds explained. “So the chocolate is there for some emotional over-eating and Fifty Shades is provided for the kind of joyless bout of self-pleasure that only someone who has to stay in budget inns a lot will understand.”

“That Fifty Shades of Grey is badly written to the point of being beyond parody makes it perfect for the ennui of shutting yourself in a small box after a long drive and knowing that in the morning when you wake you will still be in Wolverhampton.”

“Any customers who want a Bible will be able to get one at reception. Although these days most of our customers who smoke tend to bring their own rolling papers.”

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