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Obsessive-compulsive buys Tracey Emin’s bed

‘I had to tidy it at all costs’ claims buyer


Mattress ‘should be turnered over weekly’

‘My Bed’, a stinking pit vacated by Tracey Emin, has been sold to someone who can finally give it a good home.

Harold resident Elsie Duggan remortgaged her and several of her friends’ houses to finance the deal. She told us that she ‘couldn’t wait to sort (the installation) out’, and that it would be ‘nice to have somewhere for (her son) to stay over.’

‘I may not know much about art, but I know what I like’, said Mrs Duggan. ‘And that’s hospital corners, an ironed divan sheet and the pillow case openings facing away from the door.’

Mrs Duggan first saw Emin’s work in 1999, and has had a strong urge to tackle it with a bottle of Fabreze and a bin bag ever since.
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