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DiCaprio so wooden he could have floated easily, admits Kate Winslet

Plenty of room for a little acting talent

Kate Winslet has admitted for the first time that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack did not need to die at the end of the movie Titanic.

“People have always asked me about it, and I have to admit it’s a bit of a plot hole,” explained Winslet, who played raft-hogging Rose in the blockbuster.

“To be perfectly honest, his acting was so wooden, he’d still be floating there if I hadn’t filled his pockets with bricks”, she admitted.

When asked whether there might not also have been room for DiCaprio on the floating wooden door, Winslet agreed, saying: “The door certainly had more breadth than his characterisation.”

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Letter written from Titanic includes first recorded instance of “WTF”

dr fortIt had been thought that the letter sold for a record £119,000 at the weekend had been the last letter written from the Titanic, but now another letter has surfaced which was not only being written at the moment of impact with the iceberg but also includes the first written instance of the acronym ‘WTF’.

“This is a really exciting find,” said auctioneer Jack Hamburg of auctioneers Hamburg & Grunter. “The letter actually refers to the iceberg itself, before moving into the all-important WTF, which makes it stand above the other tat that is usually associated with the old legend.”
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