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Brexit invoice ‘to be forwarded to David Cameron’

Hammond slips the bill into Cameron’s pocket.

Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond may be dreaming up secret plans to get former PM and Chief Engineer of National Division David Cameron to cough up for his treachery and pay the Brexit Bill in full on behalf of the UK people.

“It’s all very well Cameron saying Oh sorry, that didn’t go to plan, byeee,” Hammond told Mrs May, “but he still has to take his share of the responsibility, which is…” pausing to consult his calculator, “one hundred percent of it.”

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Castaway pays tribute to ‘tender and sweet’ crew mate


Castaway looked sheepish when asked if he would toast his rescuer.

A castaway who survived a 6,000 mile journey adrift in the Pacific has paid tribute to his ‘brave and filling’ crew mate.

Jose Albarengo left Mexico in December 2012, only to wash ashore last month in the Marshall Islands.

But survival experts were amazed to discover that he gained three stone during his ordeal, and confused that his dinghy smelled quite so strongly of pork.

“I had little to sustain me, just the odd seagull and some dead fish”, revealed Albarengo. “Thank goodness Jose had the sense to pack a gas barbecue in his duffel bag.”
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