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Employee spends entire working year completing last year’s performance appraisal

appraisalAn instruction to ‘write a few lines or a novel, but not War and Peace’ has backfired on a local council after an employee spent her entire working year completing her performance appraisal for the year ending 31 December 2018.

Previously criticised for not providing enough evidence in her 2017 appraisal, Harold Council Health and Safety Officer Joan Willis said she wasn’t going to make that mistake again so she ‘literally ticked all the boxes, and then some’ to produce a PA that left no doubt whatsoever that she met all the criteria for a 1% pay rise.
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Further embarrassment for Ed Miliband as he accidentally votes for Ukip

Probably best if you just stay in the house for a while Ed

Probably best if you just stay in the house for a while Ed

A bad week for Ed Miliband ended on another embarrassing note today as it emerged that he had accidentally voted for Ukip in his local council elections.

The Labour leader had already struggled with the cost of his weekly shop, the name of the Labour candidate in Swindon, and eating a bacon sandwich like a normal human being. Now it appears that he has also forgotten the name of his local councillor and, after taking a stab in the dark, succeeded in getting the wrong party entirely. Continue reading


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Protests as village council cuts traffic warden budget


A village council in Buckinghamshire have decided to axe its team of three traffic wardens in the latest rounds of budget cuts. The move by Harold council is set to save the taxpayers £66,000 a year.

Unlike similar cuts in other areas, local residents have started a petition to keep the parking enforcement officers, saying they are so nice, helpful and courteous people. “They are always willing to help, and have often saved me a space outside my café” Pippa Delaney told us.
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