Protests as village council cuts traffic warden budget


A village council in Buckinghamshire have decided to axe its team of three traffic wardens in the latest rounds of budget cuts. The move by Harold council is set to save the taxpayers £66,000 a year.

Unlike similar cuts in other areas, local residents have started a petition to keep the parking enforcement officers, saying they are so nice, helpful and courteous people. “They are always willing to help, and have often saved me a space outside my café” Pippa Delaney told us.

However, defending the cuts, councillor Ronsson explained that as Harold is the only village in the UK that has no parking restrictions whatsoever, employing three full-time traffic wardens is probably a bit excessive.

“We may need someone to help with parking spaces during the 11am rush at the monthly farmers’ market in the future, but we have been trialling the use of un-culled badgers in hi-viz jackets and found they can do just a good as job. What’s better is they will do it for the promise of not being killed.”

Those leading the protests have said if the council continues with this policy, then they shall invite Eric Pickles to the village to give his blessing to the plan. The council responded to the threat saying “we can negotiate”.

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