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Mice opt to restore Earth to an earlier point and run 2016 again


At this point would anyone mind if the Vogons turned up and did their thing?

Mice, the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who paid for the computer we all live on, have decided to hit system restore and run 2016 again. Continue reading

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Bowl of petunias found stranded on Norfolk beach.


A Forensic Artist’s rendering of how the bowl of Petunias might have looked, before impact

As if dealing with stranded sperm whales wasn’t enough, bewildered Norfolk locals were today confronted with an angry looking bowl of petunias on a beach near Hunstanton.

Cockle picker Silas Thurlby found the unusual item after hearing what a long wailing noise which he describes as sounding like someone shouting “Oh no, not again” while falling from a great height.

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