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Ant engineers finally master secret of flight

flying ant

New ant design has experienced a few set-backs.

A team of ants working from a sandpit in Harold claim to have mastered the ability to fly.

Standing next to a prototype stuck to a cough sweet, chief engineer Brian Pharoah unveiled the new ‘flying ant’, before denying that the design may have been used before.

“Of course there are stories about our ancestors soaring into the clouds, and doing battle with those upstart b**tard wasps”, said Pharoah.

“My dad used to say my great, great, great, great grandmother embracing a sort of rudimentary ability to flap, but it’s clearly untrue”, he insisted. “According to my calculations that would make the world over 364 days old.”

Some have even suggested their current queen ‘fell from the sky’, a theory Pharoah dismisses as heresy.
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