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Royal Mail sell-off ‘a Greenback plot’ claims Danger Mouse

Sell-off was brainchild of evil, greedy toad

The world’s greatest rodent detective could soon be living in a dog poo bin, thanks to an evil plot to evict him by Baron Silas Greenback.

That’s the claim of an angry-sounding mouse in a white catsuit, who told us his secret lair has been privatised from under his whiskers.

Danger Mouse and long-term partner Penfold (a chubby, bookish hamster) have co-habited their central London apartment since the mid 1980s. With their shared interests in galactic politics, animal rights and all types of cosplay,  the couple have spent many a happy hour gnawing at bars and putting the world to rights.

But now the vintage pillar box that they have so long called home has been sold from over them in a stock market flotation. The pair fear they will no longer be able to return from a hard-days super-heroing and relax in the bath:  Danger Mouse claims he can smell a rat.
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