Jacob Rees-Mogg: ‘Kyle Edmund would have won if he’d been more upbeat’

‘Everyone needs someone to look up to – for me it’s me’

Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks if David Davis’ team was more upbeat they’d be more successful, in the same way that Kyle Edmund would have beaten Marin Čilić in straight sets if he’d just been a bit more positive. “That’s how things work”, he said.

Embodiment of all that’s wrong with inherited wealth, MP Rees-Mogg did nothing else but shuffle cash around, before landing a plum Tory seat but now likes to spend his time counting his private income and telling everyone else what they should think, do, and say.

Rees-Mogg also knows why everybody who voted to leave the EU, voted to leave the EU. “It’s true, I do know everything about everything. It should thus come as no surprise that I know exactly what was going on inside 17.4 million people’s heads on 23rd June 2016.”

“If that were not the case, then I’d seem the most arrogant condescending prick, every time I uttered the words ‘This is, or this is not, what 17.4 million people voted for in the referendum.’ Do you see? Probably not – you weren’t at Eton were you?”

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  1. allanwils

    Old Etonians never Lie — I love how auto-correct keeps trying to change Etonians to Estonians – Jacob wont like that