May “sanctioned” over missing Queen’s speech

Her Majesty and Mrs May in happier times

Theresa May’s benefits have been suspended, after she cancelled an appointment with the Queen at Westminster.

“Her Majesty doesn’t take such decisions lightly” said a palace spokesman “but the discipline of attending for work is important, especially for someone who’s left their job for no good reason.”

The PM walked out of her last job eight weeks ago “With no guaranteed job to go to, this was extremely reckless and she can’t expect to just carry on being paid as if nothing has happened. Behaviour has its consequences”.

“Her Majesty did, however, graciously agree to see Mrs May last Friday and gave her the next appointment for 19th June at Westminster.”

“Mrs May was clearly told she must provide a sick note if unable to attend but now seems to have prioritised meetings with anachronistic bigots.” said the spokesman, adding. “Other anachronistic bigots that is.”

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