Everyone’s forgotten who this bloke is


He was the bass player in Gene, wasn’t he?

A shock poll has revealed that most people have forgotten who the windy sack of bobbins pictured on the left is. While his wide red face does ring a vague bell few are able to commit and state precisely why they know him.

“Something to do with livestock?” guessed local farmer, Phil Evans. “I remember having to put a no entry sign on the pigsties but I’m buggered if I know why.”

“Europe,” stated pensioner Doris Kettle confidently. “He was the owner of that horrible ‘Brits Only’ bar on the Costa del Sol that got closed down in that reality TV thing. Wasn’t that him? You know the one, he kept arguing with his glass-collector Boris and had that catchphrase, “Brexit will lead to economic armageddon and empower racists” I think it was. Hilarious.”


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