‘David Furnishings’ homeware website mysteriously offline


Complete mystery

‘David Furnishings’, Littlehampton’s premier homeware and soft fabrics website, has mysteriously gone offline, it was reported today.

Customers had reported difficulties accessing the site over the last few days, and this morning it was completely inaccessible to any customers from the UK, although overseas browsers remained unaffected.

“It’s a disaster, to by honest,” explained proprietor Jeremy David, after whom the business is named. “It seems that only people abroad can see the site at all, and how many customers in Brisbane are going to want to buy a sofa cover from Littlehampton, even it is made from a soft but durable wool/polyester mix? Not many, I’ll tell you that.”

“I’m trying to think if we could have upset anyone, or even if the authorities could be mistaking our site for someone else’s.”

“DAVID… FURNISHINGS… it doesn’t ring any bells though. I’m baffled.”

“It reminds me of the time my brother Ryan’s business disappeared from the web. He plays in a band for weddings, and usually Ryan gigs every weekend, but suddenly his site went down too.”

“Mind you, his band was called ‘Ryan Giggs is knobbing that bird off Big Brother’, that can’t have helped.”


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