“Self-pity’s only good when it’s mine” says Stephen Fry


At least we’ll always have General Melchett. Hold on to that thought, it’s beautiful

Stephen Fry, a man who has thrown repeated self-pitying strops on social media, has said that “Self pity is the ugliest emotion in humanity” and undaunted by the sound of the Global Irony Klaxon threatened to topple from National Treasure to pompous trumpspunket by linking self-pity and child abuse saying: “It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that your uncle touched you in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy.”


“My self-pity on the other hand is remarkable, endlessly fascinating and absolutely correct. As such it will be the subject of a five-part documentary later this year and an opera.”


When asked to clarify his comments Fry said, “Aren’t Apple amazing? You must all buy their gizmos and gadgets, my dear lovely old loves.”

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