Earth is 2 dimensional, insists one dimensional pop star.


B.o.B contemplating serious things.

Hippety hoppity rap singer and renowned expert in cartography and basic astrophysics, B.o.B has amused and amazed his fans on social media recently by declaring his belief that the world is flat.


His knowledge and understanding of the subject has been built up through long minutes of study, reading complex mathematical equations, verifiable scientific papers and other things he found on the internet.

“I know it’s not what most people believe”, said the semi-popular rhythmical speaker, “but the evidence is all around us. Bitch”.

“If the world was round, all the seas would be at the bottom, near Australia. Walking North would be a lot more tiring than walking South. Skyscrapers would lean away from each other at the top like, well, like you know,  tall things sticking out of a…round…thing.
Everything is flat. The floor is flat. The sky is flat. I live in a flat. Hell, I even sing flat”.

Despite much sniggering and forehead slapping in the scientific community and primary schools across the country, B.o.B remains unmoved.

He is planning to undertake a detailed scientific study using high altitude photographic evidence to prove the theory, just as soon as he can trade his cow for some magic beans.

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