Charities ‘last chance’ to be bastards


Chuggers are the least of your worries, the thin end of your wedge

An influential committee of MPs has warned charities they’ve a ‘last chance’ to rip-off vulnerable givers, before a new regulator starts work.

“Opportunities for such outrageous, systematic, and heartless abuse will soon disappear” said PACAC chairman Bernard Jenkin “So my advice is to steam in now, while you still can.”

UK charities have come under fire, after fund-raisers sold-on donor’s details. Vulnerable people are seen as fair targets by some but others are simply failing to exploit the situation.

“Iain Duncan Smith will tour the country, teaching charities the exact moment to kick a man when he’s down” says Jenkin “while I’ll be running seminars on creative expense claiming”.

MPs agreed that most charities don’t engage in such practices, which Mr Jenkin described as “a lost opportunity.”

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