Asylum seekers forced to wear Man Utd shirts

Man UtdIn the biggest blow to their dignity yet, UK asylum seekers are being clothed in Man Utd shirts.

Asylum seekers have previously been forced to wear red wristbands in Cardiff, and the front doors of their accommodation has been painted red in Birmingham, but that doesn’t compare with the humiliation of being dressed in Man Utd colours, say refugee rights activists.

“Asylum seekers came to the UK for a better life only to then be associated with another limp display from Rooney, Fellaini, and co”, said refugee spokesperson Ant Parsons.

“Some refugees have even been subject to the unimaginable horror of a Louis van Gaal spreadsheet.”

“It just looks ridiculous clothing them in Man Utd shirts when they have no connection whatsoever to the Manchester area.”

Local councils rejected the criticism saying they weren’t trying to mark the asylum seekers out, or stigmatise them.

“We simply bought a job lot of unsold Man Utd shirts that were going cheap in London” said a spokesperson.

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