Similar-looking men share world’s most stilted flight conversation

untwinsWhen a man was seated next to a slightly similar-looking man on a flight to Galway, he immediately got giddy and shared a selfie with the world.

Little were the ‘pair’ to know but they were about to share something else: the most awkward flight conversation in history.

When I saw my doppelganger, I didn’t know what was going on”, said Neil Douglas. “So I took a picture, and made a massive fuss about the whole thing.”

“Only then did it dawn on me that we were stuck sitting together on public transport, and now we both felt obliged to chat amiably until we ran out of things to talk about.”

After being amazed to discover that neither of them took much notice of the  safety talk and shared an ambivalence to aeroplane food, the conversation drifted to managing beard canker, and a mole that looks a bit like a map of Greenland.

Later one faked sleep, while the other pretended to read the in-flight magazine.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but we both bumped into each other later that night in Galway”, said Douglas. “But we pretended not to notice. We weren’t going through all that awkwardness again”, he shivered.

Scientists acknowledge that it’s theoretically possible for two people to look a little bit like each other, but state there’s no evidence that this is enough to sustain a conversation through even a short haul flight.

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