Vicar ‘exhumed graves for Halloween’



In a protest against the rampant commercialisation of Halloween, a vicar in Harold has dug her heels in and cracked open a number of graves.

“Some of the pricey tat in the high street wouldn’t spook even the most recently bereaved”, said Rev. Tansy Forster.

“But dig up their aunt, pop a tealight in their mouth, and you’ve got something terrifying for under a pound.”

The vicar has exhumed around 20 decorations so far to festoon the village hall. Those who have glimpsed a preview have all recoiled in seasonal horror, and spent at least 30 minutes retching behind the bins.

Even the newest cadavers are a little fragile, so children are being asked not to touch. “The head came of this one, so I’ve popped it in that bowl of apples over there”, explained Forster. “Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be related? There’s a prize if you bobs your uncle.”

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