Corbyn fails to refute Time Lord rumours

Corbyn's mission is to save the planet from Tories

Corbyn’s mission is to save the planet from Tories

Jeremy Corbyn, the latest regeneration of the Labour Party leader, has become known as ‘The Doctor’ within the corridors of Labour Central Office for his eccentric behaviour and general unworldliness.

“It started as a bit of a joke because of his likeness to the actor Peter Capaldi and his dislike for wearing a tie” a Labour insider revealed, “but we soon realised that the similarity went beyond his appearance, thanks to his bizarre statements and unintelligible policies.”

“For instance,” continued the bemused insider, “as I was passing the Tardis – as his office is known – I’m almost certain I overheard Jeremy likening Ian Duncan-Smith to a Sontaran who could only be controlled by the evil Davros; and it is common knowledge that he believes the Queen is a Weeping Angel.”

To counter the stories, Party officials had drafted a light heated press release which stated:

“There are a number of rumours circulating suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn may be an alien from another planet. Whilst we can’t prove that Jeremy isn’t a Time Lord, we would like to reassure everyone that under his left wing exterior beats the hearts of a compassionate man who believes he can fix the world with his superior intellect and sonic screwdriver.”

The release of the statement was vetoed at the top level, apparently because Corbyn expressed concern that it may assist his arch enemy The Daleks in detecting his disguise.

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