Refugees to be shipped to UK in David Cameron’s forehead.

Dave Headroom

Room for one thousand more on top.

David Cameron’s forehead is to be sent to the Syrian border camps to collect the 20,000 additional refugees the UK government has agreed to let live.

Aid agencies had been struggling to find a vessel large enough and empty enough to transport the refugees, and have welcomed the use of Mr Cameron’s forehead while he’s not using it.

Fears that the forehead may need to be cleared of large numbers of good ideas, sound policies and general wisdom proved to be unfounded, however time will still be needed to ensure the interior is a suitable place for vulnerable women and children who have already been exposed to more than enough prejudice and vilification.

One of the aid workers sent to inspect the forehead prior to departure said “It’s large enough, a bit dark and scary in places but it should do. They should be comfortable for the journey. There may not be much that’s soft to sit on but still,  ‘s warm in here.”

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