Grammar Nazi apostrophe hoard found under Polands mountain’s

grammar train

“We’re sure its their”, claims Sibilatelin.

An armoured train packed full of apostrophes has been discovered deep inside a Polish mountain. Abandoned their by a notorious group of grammar nazis, the train is the verb of much speculation.

Spoken of in hushed tones by those in the know, a handful of languages most persistent pedant’s have cleverly decoded obscure rules, that led to the trains discovery.

“The train doesn’t just contain apostrophe’s”, summarized grammar hunter Steve Sibilatelin. “Theirs also literally talk of a stash of ellipsises, semi-colons, and the long lost Oxford Comma.”

Investigators are working carefully to retrieve the train, but fear it could be booby-trapped.

“In principal, it should be an easy job”, said Sibilatelin. “Irregardless, we need to bring our time, one wrong step and we could loose someone. It’s easy to blunder in, but you could end up splitting an infinitive. That could have a devastating affect.”

Not everyone is keen to recover the cumbersome vehicle, claiming most people know what they mean, and thats enough.

“They can blow it up for all I care”, said local grocer Brian Hostage. “I couldn’t care fewer.”

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