Chris Evans to auction off Will McDonald and Gaby Roslin


Evans dumps another load of former co-hosts.

Chris Evans has announced plans to clear out his garage, by auctioning off a number of unwanted ex co-presenters.

The self-confessed ginger has a vast collection of broken, long-forgotten sidekicks, which he buys at car boot sales, paints orange and then stores in his shed.

Amongst the lots are a rare Gaby Roslin, an ex-works Will McDonald and a tastefully modified Holly Hotlips.

Some have criticised the Top Gear presenter for not knowing much about maintaining co-stars, despite having so many of them.

But the petrol head insists he’s gradually learning the basics, such as not hitting them, or being a big, hissy bell-end.

Evans will use the money raised to buy a classic vintage presenter, Angela Rippon.

“She’s getting on a bit now, so you wouldn’t want to take her out and thrash her every week”, revealed Evans. “But on a quiet Sunday morning, who wouldn’t want to slip downstairs, don a pair of stringback gloves, and slip into her arms, curled up like a little auburn hamster?”

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