Labour bans 1,200 who ‘might vote wrong’

Don't worry about that scribble at the bottom

Don’t worry about that scribble at the bottom

About 1,200 people have been banned from voting in Labour’s leadership election because they might vote for the wrong person.

Labour said the number would rise as officials check the credentials of anybody registering to vote using the simple screening question “Do you intend to vote for Jeremy Corbyn?”.

“Indications were that these people were planning to subvert the process by electing somebody who appears to have morals, a vision and believes in something other than soundbites, and that simply won’t do.” said a spokesman.
“So we took the fair and democratic decision to ban them from taking part, just to make sure they don’t do something silly and vote for somebody we don’t want them to.”
“Don’t get me wrong, we’re not trying to interfere with a democratic process here and, in accordance with the rules set out last year, any genuine supporter of the Labour party is free to register and to vote for whoever they like in this leadership election.”
“Just so long as it’s not Corbyn.”

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