What does your tattoo say about you?

odd ink

Tattoos can help you stand out from the crowd.

Have you got ink? Curious about what it means? Evening Harold unpicks the scabs on the tattoo code…

Swallow on neck: You are an Arthur Ransome fan.

Tear under one eye: You suffer from hayfever. (Please offer this person antihistamines if they appear to be in difficulty.)

Anchor on forearm: Possible subconscious iron deficiency.

Unicorn: You interfere with horses.

Football club badge: You are working class. Talk to someone about chips.

Goldfish: You have a poor memory.

Children’s names: You have a very poor memory.

Own name: You have escaped from somewhere. Call an adult for help.

Bar code: You are a bell end.

A bear, on fire, fighting a shark: You are AWESOME.

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