Race campaign tea shop raided by hate police

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Campaign ‘left bad taste in the mouth’

A tea shop in Harold has been vilified on Twitter, after a racial equality promotion descended into farce.

Mick Clarkson, owner of the ‘Brew-ha-ha Tearoom’, claims he was trying to create a utopia when he gave his staff some permanent markers.

Unfortunately, police were called and two Moldavian workers arrested, after racist slogans were spotted on customer’s cups.

“We are not racist, we like at least one person from other side of village”, claimed Nikolai Spitz. “And we do not hate everyone else as has been suggested.”

The row erupted after Ron Ronsson was served a latté with the phrase ‘Some Kosabians wipe properly’ written roughly where his lips would have been.

‘Only good Slovadian is not dead Slovadian’, ‘Some Buldanians I trust with baby’ and ‘Welcome, Gypsy’ also attracted complaints from those that were served them.

“The slogans I could ignore”, suggested Ronsson, “but when I order a breakfast, I don’t expect staff to try and guess where I come from. It’s not acceptable to say ‘your head is big like Latskian but eyes are beady like Kusak’. Particularly if you’re shaking the tip cup at me.”

Clarkson claims that the shambles isn’t entirely his fault, and laid the blame squarely on his staff. “When I told them to be ‘racially aware’, this isn’t what I meant at all. But I forgive them, because Moldavians might be thick, but they are at least cheap.”

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