Shock as sociopathic leader revealed to have been chums with Gaddafi


“…I’ve been with you such a long time, You’re my sunshine…”

Tent-loving dead bloke Muammar Gaddafi was friends with Tony Blair. A revelation that has done profound damage to the former President of Libya’s posthumous reputation.

“Gaddafi would be horrified to know that the world has become aware he was pen pals with a war-mongering religious fanatic,” Libyan reporter Moha Hassan Maziq told us. “To have his name linked publicly with such a controversial figure would’ve been a cause of great sadness and concern.”

Meanwhile Jack Straw who was Foreign Secretary at the time of the Tone ‘n’ Mu love-in has been quick to downplay its significance.

“Yes, there were letters,” he said. “But they were just silly little notes between friends about such lighthearted topics as allowing the Libyan Secret Service free-rein to operate in the UK and Tony’s support for the rendition of dissidents. It was merely top bantz between bros. Nothing to get worked up about.”

Gaddafi was killed in October 2011. At the time of writing Tony Blair remains at large.


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