Confusion as West mourns death of radical and brutal Muslim leader

imageWestern leaders have confused the rest of the world by paying their deepest respects following the death of a radical Muslim leader.

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died in hospital after a short battle with modernisation, which he lost when he took a dose of human rights abuses.

Prince Charles will travel to Saudi Arabia to give his condolences personally and to pass on messages to the new king from the British government, such as ‘can we still buy oil from you’, and ‘rest assured, our blind eye is still firmly turned.’

US president Obama described the late king as ‘a strong leader’ who always had ‘the courage of his convictions, and even more courage in the conviction of others.’

“We have been calling on leaders in that region to get tough, and he did that. Not many people make the CIA look like a pussy cat in the way they deal with innocent people.”

Fox News have welcomed the death of this leader in the Muslim world but are said to be disappointed King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has become the first radical muslim leader not to be killed by an American drone.

Despite the total ban on alcohol in the country, many are expected to mourn the loss by getting lashed

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