Question Time breaks new pornography rules with ‘clash of two pricks’


Hunter S Thompson briefly returned from the dead and shot at Brand, for suggesting entertainers shouldn’t stand for office.

The popular orgy show ‘Question Time’ has broken new rules on pornography, after filming two tumescent penises having ‘a go at each other’.

New rules forbid punishment and pain being enacted, rules specifically designed to prevent Nigel Farage or Russell Brand appearing on our screens.

“I don’t really got no policies as it ‘appens, but what’s important is to be all appealing to the youngun’s an’ that. I’ll keep talkin’ if you don’t take too offense to it, mind yer pardon. But I do so love the timbre of me voice”, said Farage.

“It was disgusting, I found the whole thing very corrupting”, said Harold’s Pippa Delaney. ” I thought this was a political panel show, not a nature documentary.”

“What I witnessed was a battle between two alpha-male walruses bludgeoning each other, but reinacted by two rather cheap dildos.”

“They tried to violate each other but as far as I could tell, they seemed to be enjoying it.”

The show also featured a Tory MP notorious for forcing the word ‘cock’ into her mouth. She later explained she had just been practising for tonight’s show in advance.

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