Tough interview with the Cookie Monster sees Miliband crumble

IMG_0643.JPGIn a bid to repair the damage to Ed Miliband’s reputation following his grilling by a singing competition winner, his PR team lined an easy interview that should have been almost impossible to cock up with the Cookie Monster.

Although he repeats the same phrase and has a famous inability to string a sentence together, Miliband’s team didn’t think it would hold him back against the Sesame Street character.

Unfortunately for the leader of the opposition, after a few brief pleasantries, the Cookie Monster seemed to go in for the kill.

“Cookie, cookie cookie cookiecookie cookie, cookie cooooookie?” He asked, seemingly unfazed by the politician sat opposite him.

“Look,” Miliband replied, “I know how it feels for hard working families with a cost of living crisis. I even have some working class employees called Bob, and Bob says we need to stop spending money on the NHS and increase money we give to immigrants.”

Jumping on Miliband’s mistake, the Cookie Monster probed further with Paxman-like verbal brutality.

“Cookie cookie cookie, cookie, cookiecookie cookie cookie cooooookie, cookie cookie. Cookie?” he probed.

“That’s not fair” Miliband replied, gesturing with his hands in an attempt to summons the public speaking skills of Tony Blair.

“We know that after the election we have to make some really tough choices, like who will be the next leader of the Labour Party. Oh, um, not that I think we will lose but we have to realistic and honest with people. That’s why I can announce a £10M to people like Bill, or was it Bob? It doesn’t really matter, he isn’t real.”

The Labour Party are said to be considering not allowing Mr Miliband out in public until polling day to avoid any further embarrassment. However they did criticise the Cookie Monster for being unnecessarily harsh on their man.

A representative for Mr Monster denied the claim explaining. “It would have been fine if he just answered the question. All we wanted to know was what Mr Miliband’s favourite biscuit is.”

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