Manson bride seeks divorce following successful parole application

'Till death do us part ...

‘Till death do us part …

Afton Elaine Burton, the 26 year old who has just married ritualistic mass murderer Charles Manson, has filed for divorce just hours after learning that the brutal killer had unexpectedly passed a parole board hearing and the octogenarian texted her saying how much he was looking forward to consummating their marriage.

Burton, who runs a website protesting the innocence of America’s most notorious serial killer, has denied that the wedding had been an elaborate publicity stunt which had gone horribly wrong.

“The fact that my Charlie will soon be at liberty and no longer safely locked away is nothing to do with my decision to seek a divorce,” she said defiantly.

“It’s just that I’ve got used to the idea of him not being here and I don’t want to have to clean up after him at home. From what I’ve heard he’s not the most tidy of house guests. ”

It remains to be seen if Manson will agree to return his cell mates’ wedding present who gave up a week’s drugs supply to purchase a boxed set of Roman Polanski films. Rosemary’s Baby is known to be a particular favourite of the diabolical killer and there are fears that he could cut up rough if he had to give it back.

Meanwhile Hello! magazine has denied that that they had signed an exclusive deal to cover the wedding; however the venue displayed all the signs of a Hello celebrity wedding. According to insiders, the prison was swarming with guards on the day of the wedding.

Ms Burton is planning to go into hiding shortly after her book, I married a Mass Murderer is rush released next Thursday. Manson will be released next Friday.

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