Nigel Farage demands Cenotaph ceremony be all about him


“Me. Me. Meeeeeeee!”

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has poured scorn on tomorrow’s wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph complaining that it fails to celebrate him adequately.

“This is the ‘closed shop’ of the British political system in action,” Farage complained. “When it is clear that at this time what the nation needs is me front and centre I have been side-lined in favour of political leaders with more than one MP and an old woman in a black hat.”

“There are 888,246 poppies on display at the Tower of London, each representing a life laid down so that I could one day be born and assume my rightful place in this nation’s story. To be snubbed and be told that I can’t lay a wreath is a betrayal of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice and an offence to decent common sense.”

“This bias against me and Ukip is an insult to us all,” Farage said. “And something I intend to address in more depth during my Christmas Day speech to the nation.”

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