Developers look to nature to solve London’s housing crisis with the ‘Escar-Go’

With London house prices getting beyond the reach of ordinary people, and affordable properties getting smaller and smaller, one developer has started putting a new range of properties on the market.

Modelled on a snail’s shell, the developer says their new ‘All-In-One Portable Studio Apartment’, named the Escar-Go, has everything a young aspiring professional could need and the homes fit in well with the environment, providing you spend the night in other people’s gardens.

At £125,000 starting price the company admit things have started slow.

“We think this is a great idea that solves a lot of problems”, a spokesperson told us, “but like many of our early customers, sales have been sluggish.

“However we are confident that when people realise you can have a small portable home without being evicted from every field you park up in, sales will grow.

“There are many advantages such as very cheap heating bills, no council tax, and the ability to attach yourself to the side of walls, but it can be hard to install an Internet connection so you will to rely on snail mail.”

One of the first people to purchase an ‘Escar-Go’ said he found it useful to have his house strapped to him all the time but admitted the lack of space was a problem space

“Things do get a bit tight so I may look at squatting in a tortoise shell until I can afford bricks and mortar.

Asked how hard it was carrying your house around with you he said: “It is quite heavy but with these shells you just have to put your back into it.”

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