Hearts break for MP who says he can’t live on £300k a year

"Entitled, moi?"

“Entitled, moi?”

The Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds, has resigned saying that he can’t live on his current income as it does not allow him to buy a family home in SW1. A state of affairs many are calling the saddest thing ever to happen since Dumbledore was killed.

Brave Simmonds manages to eek out an existence on just the following yearly income:

Ministerial salary: £89,435
Expenses: £173,436.96 (claimed in 2013)
Second Home Allowance: £28,000
Child Allowance: £7,500
Employing wife as his secretary: £25,000
Advisor to Circle Healthcare: £50,000

He also recently made £537,500 on the sale of a London home that the tax-payer was paying the mortgage interest for.

On his ongoing struggles to find a home Simmonds told the BBC “Of course if MPs want to get into the business of travelling extensively from Westminster to the outer reaches of London to rent a flat then that’s up to them but that’s not the lifestyle I want…”

And we say he shouldn’t have to have it! So we are appealing to our readers to help this hero and keep him in Parliament where he belongs and voted for the Bedroom Tax and welfare cuts and voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability.

Just five million pounds will buy Simmonds the home he thinks he deserves. Won’t you please dig deep to make this a reality? And remember, as David Cameron said, we’re all in this together.


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  2. Yet IDS says he could easily live on the UK’s over-generous welfare “handouts”. Surely IDS is the greater hero here….?