Tony Blair eats spiders, makes prank calls: Faith Foundation exposed in new book


Tony Blair the oil painting: they say the self-righteousness follows you around the room

An ex-employee of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Martin Bright,  has written about his former boss’ bizarre behaviour in a new book. Inside the foundation’s base, a posh tower block in the West End known as The Messiah Complex, Blair exposes staff to shocking scenes.

“The spiders were pretty hard to take,” Bright wrote. “While everyone else is eating their sandwiches Tony’ll open a little box full of live spiders and down them. He’s completely unembarrassed by this and calls them his “wiggly pick-me-ups”. He insists they’re the reason he looks so young and guilt-free.”

Among that and the many other rituals that Bright describes as “puzzling or frankly weird” one of the most uncomfortable is The Thursday Night Call.

“We’d all be summoned his office and forced to watch while he made prank calls. He’d put it on speaker phone so we could all hear,” Bright wrote. “Usually he calls George W. Bush and pretends to sell him a bridge or puts on his Henry Kissinger voice and tells him to imitate a seal. It’s pathetic but at least those calls weren’t as bad as the ones to Pope Francis.”

His time with Tony Blair behind him we contacted Martin Bright and asked him what conclusions he’d come to after spending months working for the man who would be king (of the EU or Heaven).

“Tony Blair is strange,” Bright told us. “The spiders, the prank calls and all the rest of it are one thing but the fact he honestly believes people view him as a principled peace-maker seriously makes me wonder if he’s mad.”

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