Crackdown on wannabe Syria fighters makes first high-profile arrest. PM in custody

MI5 have started a government-backed crackdown on any UK citizen wishing to go to Syria to fight in the war against the Assad regime by launching a dawn raid at an address in Central London and arresting prime minister David Cameron.

“We have been looking through footage of our suspect talking of sending more fighters into region than any jihadist could hope to recruit,” MI5 head Andrew Parker said.

The footage – far from the usual homemade videos filmed in caves – was obtained from BBC parliament and shows him at the dispatch box in the commons calling on others to support military action.

“It’s important we stop anyone wishing to get involved in the Syrian conflict and send a message to those thinking of doing the same,” Parker continued.

“To be honest we normally struggle to track down potential terrorists like this, but he did us a huge favour by giving interviews to the press making his trigger-happy intentions known.

“And unlike any suspect we have encountered, he even invited us to his house to discuss his options. He made it all a bit easy really.

Although Parker was staying quite on further operations to crackdown on this type of political extremist, rumours are circulating that suggest spies have been deployed to an area where most of the violence in the middle-east is meticulously coordinated.

The White House deny they have been infiltrated.

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