Passportless British family claim asylum in Disneyland

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Family will flee to Universal Studios in future.

A family from Harold has spoken of their desperate journey to Disneyland, after their passports were processed a bit slowly.

With time running out fast for the Smiths, dad Michael feared they may be forced to seek holiday in Norfolk. He wasn’t prepared to subject his two children to such a fate.

“We’d done everything right”, claimed Michael. “There was a good 16 hours to go until the ferry left at the point when I filled in the passport application forms. Then I popped them on the mantelpiece for Linda to take to the post office. And yet somehow, they still haven’t bloody arrived.”

With thoughts of weak tea and fridge magnets haunting his mind, Michael hurriedly gaffer-taped his family and seven suitcases on the underside of a 36-tonne lorry. Filthy, deafening and with no access to a toilet, he claims it was nearly as bad as using public transport.

“We’d chosen Disneyland Paris because it seemed like a fun place”, revealed Linda. “We knew locals like Mickey and Tigger wouldn’t speak any English, but we were reassured they wouldn’t try and speak foreign either.”

But less than 4 hours into their new lives, the family were penniless, tired and arguing. Eldest daughter Holly, 11, described their disillusion while dressed as Queen Elsa from Frozen.

“Disneyland may look like Utopia but scratch the surface and there is injustice, poverty and brutal oppression”, she claimed. “For instance, daddy said he won’t buy us any more ice creams.”

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