Parents torn between having fat kids or pleasing Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver infront of flag

According to statistics 87% of you swore as soon as you saw this image. For shame.

Harold parents have spoke of the conflict between safeguarding their children’s health and pleasing Jamie Oliver. As the celebrity chef continues to advocate better school meals and steps to tackle childhood obesity, people have been asking themselves which is worse: fat kids or Oliver being right and never being quiet and going away.

“My wife and I worry about what the twins eat,” said mother of two Naomi Adams. “Caramon and Raistlin are six now and very active but if they don’t get at least a little porky we feel that Jamie will have won and neither of us want that to happen. Why not? One word ‘pukka’. I rest my case.”

“Why can’t it be Gordon Ramsay telling us to stop feeding our kids crap?” Carly Jeffery wanted to know. “If every time I was going to give the kids a kebab and a can of Coke I could have a mental image of him screaming in my face to ‘******* stop *******being a ******* idiot’ it would help me make better decisions.”

“A patronising wobbly mockney going on about feeding kids lettuce makes me never want to serve another vegetable again just to spite him.”

Meanwhile Oliver has played his trump card in his efforts to convince parents that despite containing the name of one high fructose corn syrup is not a vegetable by threatening that if the rate of childhood obesity does not drop significantly by 2016 he will release a follow-up to his 2000 album Jamie Oliver’s Cookin’: Music to cook by this time featuring even more Toploader.

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  1. Poor Jamie. I quite like him. Despite pukka. 😉