Prince Edward at 50: Let joy be unconfined


If you don’t know what occasion this picture is a record of then count yourself very lucky.

Prince Edward is fifty today! In celebration we are proud to list his achievements and the reasons he’s a national treasure.


It’ll come to us…

Was he the one who did that thing?

No? Oh, our mistake…

Shall we put the kettle on?


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3 Responses to Prince Edward at 50: Let joy be unconfined

  1. Who is this ‘Dward of which you speak? What purpose does he serve?

  2. Ah he wasn’t the one who learnt to write was he? No NO I remember he joined a Royal Marine but bought himself out with tax payers money and then set up a film company that was universally held to be unsound and royally useless. Then the twerp married to show the world he was utterly potent and then went bald all at tax payers expense.