‘Unfair criticism drove me to tears’ sobs Ofsted chief


Wilshire now routinely wears a heavy disguise to reduce his unpopularity

Teachers’ leaders expressed support today for Sir Michael Wilshire, the embattled boss of Ofsted. Wilshire has recently been briefed against by zealous acolytes of pasty-faced Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove.

“It’s not like criticising someone relentlessly is going to make them do a better job, is it?”  Wilshire had demanded tearfully of a clearly embarrassed BBC interviewer Bill Turnbull on this morning’s ‘Breakfast’ show “Where’s the fairness in that?” he snuffled from behind a hankie “Everyone will think I’m a clown”.

“We haven’t always seen eye to eye with Sir Michael but our hearts do go out to him” said the National Union of Teachers’ Christine Blower “It’s hard to imagine having your profession held up to public ridicule and your life’s work rubbished; all on the basis of a quick peek at one part of one working day.”

Blower insists NUT will do all they can to help should Sir Michael be placed in ‘special measures’. In the meantime, staff at a Harold primary school, who were shocked when Ofsted candidly agreed their recent inspection was ‘awful condescending rubbish’, have organised a cake-bake sale for next Friday. “If we raise enough cash, we hope to send Sir Michael to Disneyland Paris to get over his upset” explained Alison Lee, Head Teacher of St Mary’s Church of England Primary School.

Speaking to reporters outside his home, Mr Gove described Sir Michael as a “superb professional and an outstanding chief inspector. Though he may ‘require improvement’. No-one working for me has had anything to do with any campaign   against him or briefing against him.”

“Do you think they’ll buy that?

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