‘Bankers’ bonuses will help their cost of living crisis’, insists Osborne

20140115-124031.jpgGeorge Osborne has tackled Labour’s ‘cost of living’ argument straight on today but refusing to limit bankers’ bonuses, allowing them to continue to live to a standard they have become accustomed.

“I am not as out of touch as Labour would have you believe,” Osborne told a press conference.

“I am well aware that rising energy prices are making it difficult for people to heat their homes, especially when those homes include an eight-bedroom country manor and a Central London apartment.

“With fuel prices rising, we don’t want ordinary, hard-working people giving up their jobs because they simply cannot afford to get to work, and aviation fuel is almost as expensive per litre than some of the finest champagnes.”

The chancellor has been criticised for not capping the bonuses. Critics claim a million pound salary should be enough without another million pound on top.

But Osborne insists any cost of living crisis could be solved by letting bankers be rewarded for gambling.

“The larger the bonus given to my friends, the more I have to defend it,” Osborne continued, “and that should create enough hot air to heat the whole country.”

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