Channel 4 faces viewer backlash over benefits documentary ‘Downing Street’


At least the residents of Downing Street, whom many viewers have dubbed scum, are kept locked away from the rest of us.

Channel 4 is facing a viewer backlash over its documentary on benefits simply titled ‘Downing Street’. During the show residents of the eponymous street are seen allowing the UK to become the world’s number one haven for dodgy accounting and tax evasion which costs the economy billions a year and saying that in this time of austerity we’re all in this together while they themselves claim tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money in the form of MPs expenses despite being multi-millionaires.

In the most distressing scenes the occupants of numbers ten and eleven are shown inviting a crowd of men and women who also live in a way few ordinary people would recognise to dismantle the welfare state. This gang who go by the name The Cabinet have been wrecking lives since May 2010 and can be seen on camera encouraging each other to go further and further with benefits cuts whilst laughing and misquoting Ayn Rand.

Hundreds of shocked viewers have complained to Channel 4 and Ofcom at this harrowing portrayal of such a harmful and tiny minority with many of these complaints centring on the activities of a delusional transient called Iain who is filmed dropping into Downing Street frequently. He happily tells an interviewer about a past which has since been exposed as mostly fantasy and is seen stating time and time again that his mission in life is to either end benefits completely or the people who receive them. Many are now questioning whether Channel 4 was right to broadcast the words of a man so obviously disturbed.

There have been calls for the residents of Downing Street to be evicted from their central London address which they live in at tax payers expense however officials say that eviction is highly unlikely until at least May 2015.


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  1. beautifully timed. I hope the footage is being handed over to the police after viewers have complained about possible criminal activity.
    there’s some similar satirical perspectives at:

  2. brilliant – sharing everywhere. lol

  3. Anybody looking to complain about how people on benefits are portrayed in Ch4’s documentary ‘Benefit Street’ can take direct action by mailing a letter or calling in person to the home of the CEO of ‘Love Productions’ (the film company responsible for filming, editing and producing Benefits street) Richard McKerrow.

    85 Broomwood Road, London, United Kingdom, SW11 6JN

    You can also contact their offices in Bristol and London.

    (Films & 59), Love Productions Studios, 59 Cotham Hill, Bristol, Avon BS6 6JR
    Phone:0117 906 4357 / 0117 9064 300

    Love Productions, 43 Eagle Street London, WC1R 4AT
    020 7067 4820