Romanians panic as bankrupt Nick Griffin heads to Bucharest to look for work


Bankrupt: morally, intellectually…

There was panic on the streets of Romanian capital Bucharest this afternoon as citizens braced themselves for an influx of BNP leader Nick Griffin who is heading there to look for work after being declared bankrupt at Welshpool County Count.

“We don’t want Nick Griffins coming here and taking all our jobs,” said IT consultant Ion Bâlan. “They behave in a disgusting way that is completely at odds with Romanian values, we do not want them in our city living off state handouts then going on our version of Question Time looking mad. The Romanian government should close the borders to such people.”

Meanwhile, Griffin himself is upbeat about his move. Stood at Victoria coach station with nothing but a massive economy pork pie and a little picture of Oswald Mosley to sustain him on the three day journey to Romania he cut a colourful figure in his Union Jack suit and bearskin hat more commonly seen on the guards outside Buckingham Palace.

“I’m not leaving defeated nor by becoming an economic migrant am I being in any way hypocritical,” he told reporters. “It’s all right when I do it because it just is, okay? As the leader of the BNP I personally embody the great British values of selfishness, hypocrisy and being a howling shit. No that’s not right, let me have another go!”

Sadly there was no time for Griffin to amend his words as the coach had to leave. Though in a long rambling statement on the BNP website his blamed his financial woes on the fact that for ideological reasons he simply couldn’t bring himself to be in the black.

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